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About McDonald Murholme Employment Lawyers

Established 30 years ago, we have the highest expertise and experience in employment law for employees in Victoria. Many of our clients are not in the habit of engaging lawyers but there can be serious consequences of an employment dispute on an employer or employee.

For an employee, loss of income, reputation, health, and time required to find another job can be mitigated by our legal advice.

For an employer, early advice about the fairest and best way to manage a difficult employee can save costs and inconvenience in the longer run.

As pioneers of employment law, we are serious about its advancement, particularly when human resources are often the main asset of the company. We employ a large number of research assistants to support our many lawyers to deliver a modern, fast, efficient and affordable legal service. From beginning to end, that service is very personal.

We do not use an online booking service, but invite you to speak to a dedicated new enquiries officer to listen to your enquiry and put you on the correct pathway whether you are an employee or an employer. We publish employment law online to provide free information about key issues.

Call 9650 4555 or you can make an online enquiry expecting a prompt call in reply.

Opportunities for Lawyers

Opportunities for Lawyers: McDonald Murholme has provided training and knowledge sharing to hundreds of young lawyers who are today leaders in the legal profession in the field of employment law. Should you seek a career with McDonald Murholme, please apply.

About The Principal

The McDonald Murholme team of about 30 is led by Mr Alan McDonald, Founder and Director. He is the most experienced employment lawyer in Victoria for employees and has an outstanding support team. He has mentored and trained around 200 of Australia’s employment lawyers who have excelled as employment lawyers. The firm has performed work successfully in more employment disputes over the past 30 years than any other. Mr McDonald is happy to share the benefit of that experience with employers and employees because it can make the world of difference for a client with an employment problem.

That experience will identify that solutions must include a knowledge of the industry as well as the status of the employees. It will provide a strategy based upon 30 years of experience, not merely in the law, but far beyond the law. Mr McDonald’s interests are diverse and include practical conservation and environmental actions, building and construction, agriculture, communications and banking. Alan’s special interest is in company restructuring and redundancies, assisting both executives and employers.

Pioneers of Employment Law. Serving the whole of Australia.

We resolve issues through successful negotiation.