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Coastal Guardians Head to Energy Conference

By Alan J. McDonald

Coastal Guardians Head to Energy Conference

Energy Minister, Chris Bowen, will be a keynote speaker at the Gippsland New Energy Conference in sale on 11th August 2022.

Alan McDonald, Principal of the firm, and President of the Guardians of the Nooramunga Coastal Communities, will be leading a delegation of the Guardians to draw attention to the need to protect the pristine coastline from wind turbines, where other more suitable locations are able to be found – including in the ocean, as utilised by other environmentally conscious countries.

The Guardians of Nooramunga Coastal Communities are working to protect the coastline from poorly-placed wind turbines, which will have a negative effect on the surrounding wetlands, wildlife and birdlife if the project goes ahead as currently planned.

Photo: Coastal Guardians meeting on Sunday 7th August to discuss their attendance at the Gippsland New Energy Conference.

Top Photo: The male Gang-Gang Cockatoo – one of the local birds the Guardians are trying to protect.