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Have I Been Unfairly Dismissed?

By Alan J. McDonald

Legal Fight Over Thorburn’s Exit

When employees have been dismissed they often think first about “unfair dismissal” – often due to media saturation about this avenue or the preference of unions.

In reality, unfair dismissal claims are strictly limited. Do any of these apply?

  • Have you been employed for less than 6 months? You cannot make a claim, save in exceptional circumstances.
  • Do you earn above $130,000 per annum? You can make a claim only in limited circumstances.
  • Was your dismissal by reason of redundancy? You can make a claim only in very limited circumstances.
  • Were you dismissed more than 21 days ago? You are outside the time limit and can only make a claim in exceptional circumstances.
  • Do you have another job? Your claim is limited, perhaps to zero.
  • Do you want compensation for pain and suffering? You are in the wrong place.

All is not lost, take advice about the numerous other options!

Even better, if you see dismissal on the horizon why not seek immediate advice?